P l a n  o f  A c t i o n

VIAnatasha works with the following plan of action and you decide how many steps we will make together.

Step 1
After an introductory consultation (non committal) I will make a pre-design for you. I will make an inventory of your ideas and wishes and I am going to measure the room in question. If the room/space is not there yet, f.e. an extention of the livingroom, I will determine the measurement by making a draft. With all this information, together with my vision on the space, I will make a moodboard and a sketch on paper for you.

Step 2
After collecting your feedback of the pre-design,  I will make a floorplan and choices have to be made about the materials, colours and furniture to be used.

The floorplan will be detailed and will also include an artist impression.

Step 3
During this step it is all about the details. Together we will discuss the sockets for electricity and f.e. where you would like to have your lamps. Or do you need a watertap somewhere? In this development stage it is important that your wishes are clear and that they are defined on paper. Defined in a way the constructor knows what to do, so there are no unpleasant surprises along the way.

Is it about decorating a room, in this phase I can help with purchasing the materials, f.e. wallpaper or paint, window- and floor decoration. I do not collaborate with shops and that’s why the possibilities are endless.

Step 4
Do you already hava a constructor or are we going to ask several companies for a quotation? Together we are going to explain our detailed floorplan to the contracting parties.

Step 5
If it is about decorating a room, I will make sure all decorations are ready and everything is in its place.

During a renovation I can be the floormanager. I will be on location and make sure that there will be built as agreed upon. I will be your contactperson and that will safe you a lot of time. But you will also be sure no modifications will be executed during the buildingproces.