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Welcome to VIAnatasha

The specialist in real estate and interior design

VIAnatasha gives you advice and takes care of all your problems with your (re)building and/or (re)decorating plans.



Are your moving? Does your current house need an interior upgrade or are you thinking about a radical reconstruction of your house? I can make a clear plan of action for you, which is up to your needs.


Are you a real estate specialist and do you have interior problems with your investment projects? I am an estate agent for more than 20 years now (NVM = Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars = Dutch Accociation of Real Estate Agents) and know exactly what your potential residents or buyers want. You will get a clear and complete interior plan from me.


Also, if you are a company with accommodation problems, you can contact VIAnatasha. Does your staff still work in an old-fashioned area? Did you know that a fresh and inspirational working space adds so much to a better productivity of your employees? Or are you not satisfied with the reception of your company? For every problem there is a solution and I will have the best solution for you.

Beside all this I can also help you in buying and selling your house. As mentioned, I am a Real Estate Agent.


  • After we had redesigned our living room ourselves, we found out that we had never thought about new lamps. Natasha has been able to translate our wishes into a clear and innovative lighting plan. It was a very successful collaboration.

  • I called Vianatasha for advice on the renovation of a house in Amstelveen. VIAnatasha believes that images say more than words and she has created a moodboard for me. The atmosphere that she created on this moodboard was a perfect match. It helped me with the choices that had to be made.

    René contractor
  • The power of Natasha is that she has a good empathy on how the future residents are going to use the house. VIAnatasha has been involved in the design and implementation of the bathrooms (4 in total), the toilets (3 in total) and the application of materials and colors, for the interior as well as the exterior. The final appearance of the house is very impressive.

    René contractor